Curating a website experience for more impact


Platte Basin Timelapse

(PBT) is a non-profit organization that inspires care for our land and water and connects our neighbors up and downstream — all through the power of story.


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Share their mission.

The PBT team wanted to raise awareness of their work. But with so many different projects going on, it was hard to distill down their message.

Curate content.

The team had created hundreds of engaging timelapses and stories, filled with beautiful photos and videos. But the website didn’t clearly guide people through the content.

Drive exploration.

The site lacked clear next steps, like exploring more stories, partnering with PBT, donating, or simply getting outside.

Overall, PBT wanted the website to align with its mission by engaging people and inspiring them to learn more about the natural world.

The Process

01) Discovery

In a team workshop, we discussed the vision for the organization, dug into team strengths, and brainstormed ideas for organizing content. Afterward, I pored through their content, reviewed website analytics, and explored inspiration websites.

02) Strategy

I provided a content outline for the website. We created flexible templates for recurring pages and a unified taxonomy they could use to organize stories. After editing their mission statement, I helped the team solidify top-level messaging. Since they already had some well-crafted “About” content, we explored ways to break it up for skimmability.

03) Copy & Implementation

While I wrote the marketing copy, the PBT team got to work organizing and migrating their story and timelapse content. Throughout the development phase, I helped the design teams understand the vision and requirements for the site and gave recommendations for aligning the design and content.

The Results

A Defined Message

We discovered that there was a gap in education — many newcomers didn’t know what the Platte River Basin was or why it was important. So we created a new page about the Platte Basin to engage people and answer basic questions.

But PBT had begun to grow beyond the Platte River Basin, and the About page needed to reflect this — while also communicating their mission in a clear, succinct way. We crafted a mission statement, repurposed some existing content, and shared more information in a skimmable format.

A Curated Experience


Initially, the Stories overview page was a jumble of articles with a large, confusing collection of tags. But buried inside was a treasure trove of engaging stories with beautiful photos and videos.

We created a curated Stories page to guide people through top stories. We also created a preview card for each story page that gave a better glimpse of what was inside, including labels and short descriptions. Once people had initially engaged with curated content, they could also explore all the stories with new and improved filters.




The Timelapse pages already had solid engagement. But it took forever to scroll to the actual content on the page. Plus, there was no preview to showcase how incredible the timelapses actually were.

We bumped the map and stories up higher on the page with a new interactive map. Plus, we included a video header on the page to showcase top timelapse footage right away — making it easy for people to know what to expect.



Clear Next Steps

On each story and timelapse, we included related posts for people to dig in more.

Plus, we created clear options in the navigation to explore the Partnerships page and to donate.

PBT also wanted to share nearby locations where people could explore nature. So we created a Places to Go map that they are gradually expanding.

“Brittany is absolutely amazing to work with!”

She’s incredibly knowledgeable and was quick to understand our needs. If you have any hesitation about whether you need someone like Brittany on your team, I can promise you that you do!

Mariah Lundgren, Project Manager

All photography courtesty of Platte Basin Timelapse