Website Strategy & Copywriting

Build your website on a strategic foundation.

To guide visitors to take the next step, a website needs a smart structure and messaging that’s aligned with your goals. But how to get there can feel hazy.

Common questions teams ask:

What pages do we need?
How should we map out the structure?
What’s important to include?
How do I sound more welcoming?
What can we do to differentiate ourselves?
What should we say on our site?

Why Many Websites Don’t Work:

The messaging is not clear.

Without a defined audience and an easy-to-understand message, visitors may not understand the value you provide.

The site is disorganized and chaotic.

If there’s too much crammed into your site or things are in the wrong places, it can be hard for visitors to know what to do next.

The right people were not involved.

Your website is a digital platform for the whole business. Without consulting the right team members, there may be gaps.

The website is not aligned with business goals.

Sometimes a website becomes a dumping ground — rather than laser-focused on producing the most important results.

Get a clear roadmap for a professional, strategic site.

Align your website with business goals

Clarify your core messaging

Outline a simple, engaging experience

Bring your message to life through persuasive copy

Develop a platform that works with your other marketing

“Brittany was great from start to finish.”

She not only worked her magic with the copy for our website but also had really helpful suggestions regarding page designs and web strategy.

Her in-depth research proved to be crucial as we thought through how to set ourselves apart. Such a great experience. 10/10!

Nate Smith

Elements of a Strategic Website

While each project is unique…

…many custom proposals include a combination of the following elements.
Get in touch and we’ll work on putting together a website plan that works for you.

Internal/External Analysis

Audience Research & Definition

Get clarity on who you serve and what motivates them so you can focus your message and website experience.

Competitor Analysis

Analyze what top competitors do well and where they fall short so you can create a website that stands out.

Past Performance Review

Dig into website analytics and other marketing efforts to inform better decisions.

hands moving a physical web analytics report
website strategist and client in a website planning session


Brand Messaging

Align your message to your audience so you can clearly share the value you provide.

Brand Voice

Define your brand’s voice and personality to connect with your target clients (and show up consistently everywhere).

Brand Visuals

Clean up color schemes, image styles, and other visuals that support your brand. If you need a new visual identity developed, we’ll work with my network of design experts.

Structural Planning

Navigation & Sitemap

Organize information for users to find what they need quickly.

Content Outline

Give every page purpose and structure for more engaging experiences.


Create consistent layouts for pages that you’ll create often (like case studies, services, and more).

Hand arranging a life-size website wireframe
person holding out a stack of books

Creative Direction


Engage your audience by telling a story that leads them from challenge to success through case studies, stats, and visuals.

Visual Communication

Explore visual ideas — from layouts to graphics to visual content flow — that reinforce your core message.

Website Copywriting Services

Some Pages

Bring your message to life through copywriting on your top marketing pages.

All Pages

Get all the writing done for you. You’ll receive a custom copy document with professional wording for every page.

hands arranging website copy
website strategist with client looking a life-size analytics report

Implementation Support

Site Review & Feedback

Get another set of eyes on your designed site to ensure the content flows and visuals match the messages.

Migration Recommendations

If you’re migrating a lot of pages over from your old site, I can help you organize the process and determine what to move (and what to eliminate).

Website Updates

Keep your website accurate and effective as your business evolves. I’ll help you think through how to make changes more strategically.

The Custom Process

01) Discover.

We’ll start with a discovery call to discuss your business goals, audiences, challenges, and website vision. Then, I’ll dig into your current marketing and competitive landscape.

02) Strategize.

Next, I’ll develop a strategic plan which may include messaging, content mapping, and other recommendations based on your needs.

03) Do.

I’ll outline the next steps, whether your team is doing the work or you’re delegating it to partners. My goal is for you to feel equipped and confident to bring your new website to life.

“WOW – way better than I ever could have asked for.”

Brittany’s thought process, design and organization ideas for the wording, the way everything works on the page — there were so many things I never really even thought about and were very eye-opening to learn!

She was always on time, super organized, and asked LOTS of questions about me and the business. She was able to turn my random, disorganized, too-wordy thoughts into really powerful website material that I am so excited about.”

Dr. Evan May

Website Strategy FAQ

What is website strategy and planning?

Website strategy is about planning and shaping how your website conveys your brand message through user experience. It includes:

  • Site architecture and navigation – Deciding what pages to include and how users move between them.
  • Page layouts and core content – Mapping out the structure and journey for each page.
  • Brand messaging – Defining what ideas are most important to communicate.
  • Visuals, tone, and copywriting – Unifying site content with consistent voice and visuals.

In essence, website strategy is about crafting an intentional user journey. The goal is to shape a cohesive, on-brand experience that clearly communicates your value to visitors.

Which deliverables do I need?

We’ll work together to create a plan that makes sense for you. Most clients need foundational work to set their website strategy, and will often choose copywriting support as well. But if you have copywriters on board, I can provide just the strategy or consulting support to help your team with the strategy. Each custom project is structured based on what your organization needs.

Will you write my content?

I’m happy to take on full website copywriting if that fits your needs and budget. We can also explore a split option where I write your main pages and create templates for your team to handle secondary pages.

What if I just want the copywriting?

All copywriting packages include some strategy elements. However, we can pare down on the strategic elements to fit your project scope. Get in touch, and we can work together to select the elements that will provide you with the most value.

How much does this cost?

Since website strategy depends on your goals, website size, and team needs, each package is custom. Ballpark begins around $2,000 for a one-page site and $4,000 for a 5-page site, but can range higher depending on the level of support provided. Schedule a quick call so I can better understand your needs — this will allow me to suggest a tailored approach.

How much do you help with SEO?

SEO is a complex specialty. For best results, I recommend hiring an agency focused specifically on search optimization. However, I can provide SEO-friendly best practices and structure during our website strategy work — we can cover content optimization, URLs, metadata, etc., to set you up for SEO success down the road.

Can I just do a consulting call?

Yes, you can book an a la carte website strategy consulting call if you simply need to ask a few questions and get some clarity. All consulting calls include follow-up email support for two weeks after the call.

Do you do website design?

Good design is a pillar of my approach. Plus, I have an understanding of what goes into an effective user experience. However, I don’t personally design websites. I have a network of experts I refer to for website and brand design. If you need a designer, I can connect you to the best.