The Copywriting Intensive

A Website Copywriting Course + Consulting

Getting it done right.

Your website is the digital representation of who you are. 

If you’re like most business owners, you want to create a site that:

Looks professional and polished
Is clearly structured
Shares a well-defined message
Sets you apart
Uses concise wording
Sells your products or services

But it can be really difficult to know where to start. How do you get from the blinking cursor to a beautiful website with all the right pieces?

A No-Fluff,
Minimalist Guide

The good news: You don’t have to be a prolific writer to create good web copy. The key to getting there is to follow a process that’s focused on strategy.

That’s why I created The Copywriting Intensive — a copywriting course online to guide you through the same process I use for all of my custom website clients.

The Copywriting
Intensive Includes:

Step-by-step PDFs guiding you through creating your website content
Questionnaires to get clear on who you are and what you provide
Two, hour-long consulting calls to provide recommendations and get unstuck

“I had zero previous experience in writing tech and now I have a website filled with fantastic copy.”

I took Brittany’s website copywriting course and loved it! She is an expert in her field and guided me through the entire process of writing copy for my website.

She is so easy to work with and full of innovative ideas. Working with her was stress-free and relaxed. I HIGHLY recommend her. She deserves more than 5 stars!!

Dr. Kristina Pakiz

How the Website Copywriting Course Works

Phase 1 - Discovery

First, I'll send a questionnaire for you to clarify your value proposition, ideal clients, differentiators, and website needs.

You'll get a guide to assess competitors' sites and identify ways you want to be similar and where you want to stand out. You’ll also review websites you love so you can incorporate those elements into your plan.

Phase 2: Content Outline

Next, I'll provide a guide to map out your website content architecture. This step defines site structure and core messages before writing.

One Hour Consulting Call:
After you’ve created your content outline, we’ll jump on a one-hour strategy call. I’ll give you recommendations, answer any questions, and help you get unstuck.

Phase 3: Copywriting

You’ll get a PDF resource that walks you through how write the copy for your site, including how to write benefits-oriented copy, keep your website skimmable, and provide a well-formatted content document to your designer.

One Hour Consulting Call:
After your first draft, we'll have a second call for me to help refine tricky areas and address outstanding website questions.

Bonus Phase: Implementation Support

After your final call, you’ll get email access to me for up to three weeks to ask questions or get feedback.

“Working with Brittany on copywriting for my website was a fabulous experience!”

She helped me every step of the way, guiding me to think about how I want to convey my message, helping me organize my thoughts into inspiring blocks of text, and coming up with creative word choices when I felt stuck. Her prompt, competent and thoughtful guidance was invaluable in creating a website I’m extremely proud of. I definitely look forward to working with her again on future writing projects.

Dr. Elise Atkins

Is this for you?

The Copywriting Intensive is NOT a fit if:

You hate writing.

If you aren’t motivated to write your own website copy, it’s going to be hard to muster up the motivation, even with supporting resources.

You’re looking to become an expert copywriter.

You’ll learn how to create a fantastic website. But there’s a lot more that goes into professional copy techniques, and it takes a lot longer to become a professional copywriter. This course is your shortcut to a good site, without all the extras.

You don’t have time.

Without committing some time and energy into this project, you’re not going to end up with the best results. A copywriting course online won’t fix that problem.

hands moving a physical web analytics report

The Copywriting Intensive IS a fit if:

You want to focus on your website.

You’ll learn website-specific techniques and get personalized support to make your website professional and persuasive.

You want to define your messaging.

In the discovery phase, you’ll go through a questionnaire that helps you think about who your clients are and how you want to talk to them. It’s a great foundation for other marketing.

You’re a new business owner on a budget.

While professional copywriting can be worth the investment, starting a business from scratch is expensive. This can be a great option for getting your site off the ground.

You love to write.

You just want a little support making sure your content works for the web and is structured strategically.


Will I be responsible for writing my own content?

Yes, you’ll be responsible for writing your content. The Copywriting Intensive is designed to be a support guide, walking you through how to do it. But you’ll also get two consulting calls with me. During the website copywriting course, people usually have their own unique situation or questions. I’ve found these calls move the process forward and make people feel more confident about the copy for their site.

Can I just hire you to write the content?

Yes, you can hire me for custom website strategy and copywriting if you’d like to offload the whole project.

What if I just want help editing copy I’ve already written?

If you already have copy written and want some strategic guidance and copyediting, let me know. I’ll review what you have created so far and send a proposal for edits.

When can I use my consulting calls?

Your consulting calls are good for up to one year after you purchase The Copywriting Intensive. So if you get sidetracked by other work and need to come back to your website copy, you’ll still get your strategic consulting calls with me.

What do we do in the consulting calls?

You can use your consulting calls however you’d like. I recommend sending your work in advance, so I can prep for our call. We can walk through specific questions you have, challenges you’re running into, or I can walk through your document section by section and provide recommendations and feedback on what you’ve created.

Is this a good copywriting course for beginners?

Yes! You don’t need any prior copywriting experience to get value out of this course. Everything is beginner-friendly, and created to be completed with minimal fuss.