Using AI to Improve Website Copywriting

I was recently a guest on the AI for Creative Entrepreneurs podcast, sharing my insights on how AI can enhance creativity in website strategy and copywriting.

During the episode, we discussed:

  • How to use AI as a creative sounding board for ideation
  • The importance of using in-depth prompts to get quality outputs
  • Adopting a “just-in-time” approach to reduce AI overwhelm
  • Using AI to cut out busy work and allow for more strategic work
  • Why play and experimentation are key to success with AI tools

At Downey Strategy, we use AI carefully. We never copy/paste exact or entire outputs from ChatGPT into website copy docs — your website strategy and copy are human-made.

But we also believe in the power of tools like Chat GPT to improve the creative process and create work that’s better than ever. That’s some of what we dig into in this episode.

Check out the episode here or search for “AI for Creative Entrepreneurs” on your favorite podcast platform. Thanks to Rob and Kira for having me on the show!