Brand Messaging & Voice

Communicate your value.

Develop clear, consistent messaging and a recognizable voice. We’ll define what makes you unique, why clients should care, and how to express those things in writing.

With strategic messaging and voice as a foundation, you can craft experiences that attract your ideal audience.

Say things better.

It’s hard to connect with your audience if you’re speaking to everyone. Plus, if you make big claims without backing them up, it’s easy for your clients to tune out.

Strategic brand messaging can help you:

Focus on what resonates with target clients
Cut out less relevant content
Identify differentiators
Explain why what you do matters
Create consistent marketing across channels

Define your voice.

Brand voice is a tangible combination of tone, sentence cadence, and the vocabulary you choose. When you read or listen to your favorite experts, a consistent brand voice makes their content recognizable and unique.

Build trust with your audience through a consistent experience.
Connect with the people who want what you have to offer.
Stand out in a sea of sameness.

“What else can I say but Brittany was amazing.”

She was kind and responsive and really took the time to get to know me. She also asked me questions that really made me think about who I am and what I want my business to stand for and be known for.

Bob Wayne, Realtor

Brand messaging strategy & voice projects can include:

Brand Voice Finding Sessions

Uncover your brand’s unique tone and personality through a targeted workshop. You’ll get a mini brand voice guide giving you an overview of how you can show up consistently with a distinct voice that connects.

Brand Messaging Guides

Clarify your communication through consolidated, concise messaging. If you get stumped on what to write about your brand (even though you could talk about it for hours), your guide will give you pointers for saying what’s most important.

How It Works

01) Discover.

We’ll start with a discovery call to discuss your audience, challenges, and business goals. Then, I’ll dig into your current marketing and competitive landscape.

02) Strategize.

Next, I’ll develop a strategic approach to your messaging and voice — essentially, what you say and how you say it. We’ll walk through the strategy together.

03) Do.

Once you’ve approved your direction, you’ll get a customized guide to help you apply these principles in real life, with simple, to-the-point guidelines.

“Working with Brittany was an absolute pleasure.”

She was able to bring fresh ideas to us and convey them in a way that made it simple for the general public to understand. I would highly recommend her services!

Jay Kurtzer, local business owner

Brand Messaging & Voice FAQ

What is brand messaging strategy?

Brand messaging includes things like:

  • Brand promise — What you deliver to your clients
  • Core benefits — The most important things you want audiences to know
  • Positioning — How to distinguish yourself from competitors
  • Proof — How you back up your claims

Brand messaging services provide a North Star for teams to align content around — so all of your communication resonates with target clients.

What is brand voice? (It sounds made up.)

Often brand voice is thrown around as a hazy, abstract concept. But brand voice can actually be broken down into very specific, concrete terms revolving around tone, cadence, sentence length, and vocabulary. It’s what makes you sound like you when you write. Creating a brand voice sets you apart.

Do you design websites?

Good design is a pillar of my approach. Plus, I have an understanding of what goes into an effective user experience. However, I don’t personally design websites. I have a network of experts I refer to for website and brand design. If you need a designer, I can connect you to the best.

What’s the difference between messaging and voice?

They’re interwoven concepts but with distinct differences. Messaging is generally about “what” you say. Voice is more about “how” you say it.

Can you also do my copywriting?

I’m happy to take on full copywriting if that fits your needs and budget. We can also explore a split option where I write your main pages and create templates for your team to handle secondary pages.

How much does this cost?

Every project is custom, based on your goals. But for a reference point, a brand voice finder session + mini guide starts around $1,500, and messaging projects start around $2,500.