Hi, I’m Brittany.

Strategist, Clarity Stickler,
Copywriter, and Digital Declutterer

Website & Brand Messaging Consultant

I believe brand messaging and website strategy are the foundation of your digital marketing. Over the past decade, I’ve launched or managed over 100 websites for diverse brands. I love learning about how you impact your clients — and helping you communicate it with clarity.


Websites written, managed, or launched

$1 million+

Digital project budgets managed


Years in digital marketing strategy

You’re in the right place if you want to:

Create a website from scratch.

Develop a brand message strategy and a website plan geared toward your ideal outcomes — whether you’re starting a new business or overhauling your brand.

Declutter a mess.

Websites and messaging can careen out of control. Your team can waste energy managing it all. I help you cut out the unimportant and focus on the elements that drive business success.

Develop a message that stands out.

As a brand messaging strategist, I help you articulate what makes you unique in a noisy market. We’ll get clear on your audience and speak to them in a way that resonates.

Get more strategic.

Your website can serve multiple functions as your core digital platform. I’ll help you sort through them all and provide a clear path for your visitors.

“She helped me and my business level up.”

If I were a doctor, I couldn’t perform surgery on myself. Obviously. But, I have a hunch, it would be really hard to find another doctor I would trust handing that scalpel over to.

That’s how I felt when I was ready to perform surgery on my website.

I’m really good at what I do. I have been helping organizations with high-stakes communications and messaging with various audiences for over 30 years. And, since I couldn’t find someone I trusted with the scalpel, I hobbled along for too many years and didn’t give my own content and web site the attention needed.

My site was OK. The content was fine – but it wasn’t focused. It made sense to me – but not so much for my audience. It was easy to read, but didn’t provide a clear path to what problems I solve for my clients. So it sat there. It didn’t work for my business. It didn’t generate leads.

And, then, I decided to hire a brand strategist — Brittany.

She got to know me, the work I do, the work I don’t do, and the goals I have for my business and team. She was creative, strategic, responsive, intelligent, and collaborative.

She captured my voice and found ways to articulate things I’d been trying to say for years. She brainstormed business approaches, clarified my workflow, and essentially built my whole site on paper.

I’d hand her the scalpel for content surgery all day, every day.

Kem Meyer, Communications Strategist

Fun Facts

I have a degree in Music Composition.

I loved how the theory can turn into a beautiful experience. Today, I enjoy using the art and science of communication to create better client experiences.

I’ve worked in a variety of professional settings.

The range of jobs gave me a better understanding of how teams can work together.

Overseeing client experience at a non-profit

Managing software product development

Leading digital projects at an ad agency

Directing marketing campaigns in-house

The biggest site I worked on started at 10,000 (yes, 10k) pages.

As the digital brand strategist, I helped the organization cut their site down by working in agile phases — drawing on my experience in product development.

I’m a wife and mom of two toddlers.

When I’m not working on websites, we’re probably cuddling up on the couch to watch Bluey or trying to convince my two-year-old that bedtime is not a medieval torture tactic.

Messy Minimalist Musings is my side/passion project.

It’s an email list where I share my attempts to focus on what’s essential (despite maximalist tendencies!). Join me there to hear more.

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The Copywriting Intensive

A website copywriting course + consulting support to write your own content

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Brand Messaging & Voice

Guides to help you talk about what matters — and say it in a unique way

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Custom Website Strategy

A website plan to structure your content, tailor your messaging, and write compelling copy

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