About Me


I’m Brittany.

Your success is important to me. If we work together, you’ll find that I am deeply committed to getting things right. I love finding a minimalist approach to solve your problem—so you can cut the clutter and share your value with your audience in a compelling way.

Challenges that fire me up.

With over a decade of experience in the marketing space, I’ve worn a lot of hats and tried on a lot of roles. These days, I love working with business owners and marketing teams to solve their big problems.

Create Something from Nothing.

Starting a new business or rebranding your company is an exciting venture. But sometimes, figuring out a clear direction can get difficult. I’ll help you create vibrant and strategic messaging and a website strategy geared toward your ideal outcomes.

Declutter a mess.

Websites and marketing campaigns can get messy. When they do, your team can waste a lot of energy keeping things running and cleaning up messes. I help you ruthlessly cut waste and focus on the elements that drive business success.

Develop a Strategy.

After years of poring through analytics reports, I’ve come to the conclusion that strategy is the key to eliminating waste. I love sitting down with a business owner or marketing leader to hear their vision—and then taking strategic steps to make it a reality.

What clients are saying.

“If I were a doctor, I couldn’t perform surgery on myself. Obviously. But, I have a hunch, it would be really hard to find another doctor I would trust handing that scalpel over to.

That’s how I felt when I was ready to perform surgery on my web site. I’m really good at what I do. I have been helping organizations with high stakes communications and messaging with various audiences for over 30 years. And, since I couldn’t find someone I trusted with the scalpel, I hobbled along for too many years and didn’t give my own content and web site the attention needed.

My site was OK. The content was fine – but it wasn’t focused. It made sense to me – but not so much for my audience. It was easy to read, but didn’t provide a clear path to what problems I solve for my clients. So it sat there. It didn’t work for my business. It didn’t generate leads.

And, then, I hired Brittany.

She got to know me, the work I do, the work I don’t do, and the goals I have for my business and team. She was creative, strategic, responsive, intelligent, and collaborative. She captured my voice and found ways to articulate things I’d been trying to say for years. She brainstormed business approaches, clarified my workflow, and essentially built my whole site on paper.

I’d hand her the scalpel for content surgery all day, every day. She helped me and my business level up.”

– Kem Meyer, Communications Strategist

How to get started


Get in touch to let me know your marketing challenge.


Get a quote for a customized plan.


I’ll work with you to implement the plan.


What is website strategy?

Website strategy is all about structure and brand messaging. It’s about what ideas are conveyed and where they go—and ultimately, about creating an intentional journey for website users. Deciding on your website pages and navigation is strategy. Figuring out how to incorporate testimonials and client stories—strategy. Deciding how to structure your resource center and develop a content plan. Strategy again.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is strategic writing that helps you connect with your audience. It’s different from writing a grant or research article in style and approach. It’s (usually) less formal and more focused on building rapport with your audience—so they buy from you, donate to your cause, or partner with your organization.

Do you design websites?

Good design is a pillar of my approach. Plus, I have an understanding of what goes into an effective user experience. However, I don’t personally design websites. I have a network of experts I refer to for website and brand design. If you need a designer, I can connect you to the best.