3 Reasons to Hire a Website Copywriter (even if you like to write)

If it’s time to redo your website, you’re probably looking for a website developer—or you’ve already got one locked down.

Most of us know that we’re not equipped with the design or coding skills necessary to create a polished, professional website.

But many people don’t spend time on the words that go on their websites.

Perhaps you booked a designer…and then got a pit in your stomach when you realized you’re responsible for your own content.

Or maybe you’re ready to break out your inner creative muse and write everything yourself

Is it worth it to hire a website copywriter when you’ve already invested your marketing budget in a website designer?

Top Reasons To Hire A Website Copywriter

01) Websites require a specific type of writing.

Sadly, you can’t develop an effective website with only the skills you learned in your Great American Lit class.

Writing high-quality content for websites is different. While you may have experience with legal briefs, applying for grants, or other styles of writing, digital copy requires mastery of specific skills.

Digital Design

In order to facilitate appealing web design, your copy needs to be structured so that it’s easy to skim. Plus, the copy needs to flow in a way that allows designers to create user-friendly, beautiful website sections.

It’s one thing to write a few good headlines and break your content into bullets.

But being able to envision how the content could appear in design is a whole different ball game.

Website copywriters optimize for strategic web design so everything will read, flow, and look better.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want to show up on Google, good copywriters can set you up to follow best practices.

Experienced copywriters understand the basics of SEO on-page optimization and can help you structure your site to give you a better chance of ranking.

Without the right content structure, keyword placement, and other best practices, you’re likely investing your dollars in a site that is missing out on visibility opportunities.

That said, search engine optimization is a complex topic, and tons of other businesses are vying for the same #1 spot on Google. If SEO is critical to your marketing strategy, you may even want to hire an SEO agency to help you out.

But good copywriters can get you going in the right direction and collaborate with SEO professionals to create content that is both engaging and search-engine friendly.

Persuasion & Psychology

When you’re writing a website, you’re essentially writing a sales pitch for your target audience.

A beautiful website that does not produce results is pointless. You need to structure your pages and your messaging to optimize for conversion. (That could be phone calls, product sales, donations, form submissions…your measure of success will be unique to you.)

Skilled copywriters are trained in persuasion techniques that help you connect authentically with your audience. Often, subtle shifts in your content approach can take a person from an unconvinced website visitor to an engaged client.

Plus, persuasive website copy often breaks the “rules” of traditional writing. Sentence fragments. Contractions. Emojis. 🙃 Website copy is meant to connect directly with your audience.

Sometimes that means drawing outside the lines a little. A professional writer can help you figure out how to do this tastefully — and tailored to your audience.

02) Copywriters can expand your perspective.

This is where many business owners and marketing leaders struggle.

While they have a great understanding of their area of expertise, it can be hard to communicate their value to prospective clients.

You know what you do. But how do you explain it to other people? And in a way that engages them and gets them excited?

Many business owners write large blocks of copy about things they think are important. But they forget one important detail: Nobody cares.

Copywriters understand it’s their job to get someone to care.

That’s why it’s important to get an outside perspective. A copywriter will ask the important questions, get into the mind of your audience, and help you understand what to highlight. They’ll put themself in the customers’ shoes to structure and write a website that flows smoothly and produces conversions.

03) It may cost you more money to DIY.

I recently hired a house cleaner.

Our house cleaner comes twice a month and cleans for four hours. In the meantime, I spend four hours working on my business. During that time, I generate enough revenue to more than cover my housecleaner expenses.

Now imagine if I did all of the cleaning.

Since I’m not as skilled, it would take me more than four hours. The results wouldn’t be as good. And the whole time, I’d be wishing I was on the phone with clients or developing a new brand messaging strategy.

The same thing is true for many business owners—especially in the service space.

How long would it take you to create a website strategy and write website copy? How many clients could you take on during that time?

More importantly, what potential clients might bounce off your website because your strategy has not been created or reviewed by a professional?

How many more clients will you sign with a more strategic, compelling website?

You may find that it’s not cost-effective to do it yourself.

But what if…?

…my industry has niche terminology.”

Some industries have specialized jargon and intricate ideas that are difficult to explain. But this doesn’t need to stop you from hiring a copywriter for your website. You’ll just need to be selective.

The key is to hire a copywriter with a solid discovery process.

While your industry may have niche terminology, many copywriters have an in-depth discovery process that allows them to understand complicated industries.

When you speak with potential copywriters for hire, be sure to ask them about their discovery process.

  • How do they gather discovery information from clients?
  • What will they do to understand your industry?
  • Do they review competitor websites?

Sometimes the lack of industry-specific knowledge can even be helpful. If you are marketing to the general public about your niche service or product, you’ll want to simplify concepts so that an uninformed prospect can understand what you offer (and why it matters). Someone with a fresh perspective can help you do that.

“…I spent most of my budget on a designer.”

The good news is that you’ve solidified an important partner for your project. Design is one key element of a successful website.

If you don’t have any wiggle room in your budget, there are several alternatives.

1. Free online copywriting resources

There are a number of websites with high-quality tips and training on writing your own website copy. You’ll have to dig a bit more to find resources or courses that fit your unique needs. However, it’s helpful to dive into the website strategy process armed with a little bit of knowledge.

2. Copywriting consulting

Some copywriters offer website strategy consulting calls. Make sure to come to the conversation prepped with the questions you want to ask so that you don’t waste any of your time (you want to squeeze every minute out of your call!).

Many copywriters also offer website audits that show you the biggest areas for improvement on your website.

03) “Done-with-you” copywriting

“Done-with-you” services are gaining popularity in the marketing industry. They are an in-between alternative to DIY courses and custom copywriting. In “done-with-you” copywriting, a professional copywriter will walk alongside you as you write compelling content for your website. They’ll provide strategic guidance and be available to answer questions when you get stuck.

Look professional online.

Your website is the digital hub of your business. Think of it like your online front door.

If you want to make a good impression and show that you’re trustworthy, website strategy and copy are the starting point. Whatever route you choose to take, it’s important to invest in getting it right.